Ever since my son, Leo Drake-Kahleck, took a train ride in a suburban mall in MN and heard the song 'Mystery Train', he was hooked. It was his idea to dress as every version of Elvis he saw in youtube videos such as a Jail House Rock look in all denim, all black leather from the 68 come back special and recently, as the epic 'If I Can Dream" white suit look which was the finale of his 68 special. 

LeoDK as ELVIS by Kris Drake Photography


Leo loves Wendy's food. Every Wednesday, we visit the local Wendy's to visit his friend, the manager. They love Leo. Here, he takes a break in between takes and enjoys a frosty. Thanks, Wendy's.

STILLS/Behind the Scenes

If I Can Dream


DP/Director: Troy McCall

1st AD: Kris Drake

Editor: Stevie Kane

Art Dept: Alisun Abbott, Kris Drake and Eric Zeibarth

HMU: Troy McCall and Leo DK